Plymouth REIT

Welcome To Plymouth: Here Is Our Story

Pendleton White Jr., President & CIO
Jeff Witherell, CEO

We formed the Plymouth Industrial REIT to provide a real estate investment platform to capture the cyclical recovery of the US economy. We believe that acquiring income producing real estate assets will provide our shareholders with significant returns over the long term. Our three guiding tenets - EXPERIENCE - DISCIPLINE - INTEGRITY - constitute the foundation of our company.

Our EXPERIENCE tells us that we should be confident in the US economy and its future. That our economy recovers and grows, often better than we anticipate. We are bullish on the future of REITs. For nearly fifty years, REIT's have mirrored the continuing growth and strength of the US economy and have provided meaningful income to shareholders. As thousands of baby boomers turn 65 every day - a dynamic that will continue unabated through 2029 - the need for income to fuel their retirement has never been more pronounced. We believe REITs are an exceptional part of the allocation to meet this need. We plan to be a part of it.

Our investment strategy is based on DISCIPLINE. We are committed to utilizing our resources to uncover opportunities that others may ignore or overlook. We are not solely dividend-driven. We believe in total return. We are intently focused on adding value thru day to day operating management, while taking a long term view to building shareholder value.

INTEGRITY must form the base of any foundation. We strive to be a good corporate citizen and understand that a company is only as good as its people. Among our shareholders, our partners and ourselves, we have built a platform where all of us have a vested interest. Decidedly, we work with those who share our passion for the future. Real estate is about more than concrete and steel, it's about people. It always is.