Plymouth REIT

Sellers able to take advantage of tax-friendly UPREIT structure

The Plymouth Industrial REIT is ideally positioned to provide commercial real estate owners, who are considering selling assets and minimizing their personal tax impact, the opportunity to take advantage of the tax-friendly UPREIT structure. The primary benefits for owners to undertake a sales transaction using the UPREIT structure with Plymouth are:

  • The transaction can be completed on a tax-deferred basis.
    • The owner does not recognize immediate gain on the transaction because the owner receives units in an operating partnership instead of REIT stock. The units convert to stock sometime in the future.
  • Tax deferral gives UPREIT transactions a significant advantage over cash purchases.
    • This is especially true for individuals or entities which have a low tax basis and wherein the potential gain is substantial.
  • Asset diversification
    • Converting an owner's interest in a specific property into an interest in a larger and more balanced portfolio of properties translates to a more diversified asset base and income stream, and benefits from the economies of scale and management that Plymouth offers.