Plymouth REIT

Environmental Stewardship

We are committed to operating our company in a manner that is environmentally sustainable. During new construction or renovation, we attempt to recycle building materials and focus on design solutions that reduce our impact by utilizing environmentally friendly materials and systems including energy efficient lighting and heating and water saving solutions. We continually monitor our portfolio for opportunities to reduce our environmental impact while balancing the need for us to provide our tenants with cost effective space that is functional, flexible and safe.

Our two highest value programs focus on the main driver of environmental impact for industrial type buildings, which is electricity.

LED Lighting - We continually perform assessments across our portfolio to convert our building lighting systems to energy efficient units which can save significant amounts of energy use. During Lease negotiations with current and prospective tenants, we offer tenant inducements to upgrade lighting to LED units.

Solar – Solar energy is a key component of our sustainability efforts. We have partnered with solar consultants to perform comprehensive analysis on all of our buildings to determine the feasibility of utilizing rooftop solar arrays. We have several buildings in our portfolio which we are actively pursuing the installation of solar power systems.

Below are three recent LED conversion projects:

3100 Creekside, Columbus, OH - 340,000 SF of LED

3940 Stern, St. Charles, IL - 146,679 SF of LED

7585 Empire Drive, Florence, KY - 58,050 SF of LED