About Fisher Park

Fisher Park was originally built in 1946 by the General Motors Corporation (GM). The name "Fisher Park" derives from Fisher Body, the automobile coachbuilder founded by the Fisher Brothers in Detroit in 1908, and later bought by GM. By the time GM built the 1.1 million square foot plant, the name and its iconic "Body by Fisher" logo were well known to the public.


Fisher Body operated in Fairfield from 1947 through 1988. Plant expansions were started in 1954 and 1960, after which the complex included 1.5 million square feet of operations on the 107 acres. In 1984, it was known as the Hamilton-Fairfield stamping plant of the Chevrolet-Pontiac-Canada Group. In 1986, GM announced corporate cutbacks which included the closing of 11 plants throughout the country. Operations at the Hamilton-Fairfield plant ceased in 1988. Soon thereafter the property was acquired by Panda Motors Corp., whose plans for its use never materialized. Panda placed the property for sale in 1992.

In 2018, we acquired Fisher Park. Previous owners, since 1992, had invested significant capital to thoroughly renovate the property, and succeeded in leasing the property to a variety of industrial tenants.

Plymouth will continue the successful lease-up and management of the property, and also develop the vacant land parcels that exist between the rail road tracks and Symmes Road. We're proud to be part of the heritage of Fisher Park, and excited about being stewards of such a magnificent property. We have committed our resources to ensure that Fisher Park remains the iconic property it deserves to be as it cements its place in history.


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Fisher Industrial Park, Cincinnati, OH