Plymouth REIT


Effective June, 2017


Plymouth Industrial REIT, Inc. and its affiliates are committed to providing you with investment products and services you need now and in the years ahead, and to protecting your personal information along the way. This privacy notice contains information about how we fulfill this commitment to you.

We do not disclose any Shareholder Information, except as permitted by law. We do not sell or discuss Shareholder Information to a third party for their independent use. The sections that follow will describe our information collection and sharing practices, and the safeguards we use to protect your non-public personal information.


  • Information that we receive from you personally on applications, forms, or other correspondence, on our website, such as your name, address, phone number, social security number and e-mail address.
  • Information about your transaction with us, such as your accounts holding and transaction history.
  • Information we receive about you from third parties, such as transfer agents, custodians, financial institutions and credit or service bureaus.

In selected situations, as permitted or required by law, we may have to disclose all of the information we collect described above (the "Shareholder Information").


We use and share Shareholder Information solely to provide quality investment products and services to our shareholders. For example, this information enables us to serve and administer your accounts with efficiency and accuracy.

We do not disclose any Shareholder Information, except as permitted by law. Under the following circumstances we may disclose Shareholder Information:

  • When requested by you;
  • When necessary, in our opinion, to verify or complete a transaction initiated by you;
  • When complying with law, regulations or a court of government order or request; and
  • In connection with any merger or consolidation with, or sale of, all or substantially all of our assets to a third party.

The Shareholder Information described above may be shared with Plymouth Industrial REIT, Inc., and its affiliates.

We may also share Shareholder Information with selected non-affiliated third parties, each of which is bound by written agreement of confidentiality with respect to the use and disclosure of Shareholder Information. The sharing of Shareholder Information with non-affiliated third parties is carefully limited as described in this section.

We may disclose Shareholder Information to the following types of third parties:

  • Financial service providers that assist us in servicing your accounts, such as the transfer agent.
  • Non-financial companies, such as service providers that fulfill product information requests or maintain our website.
  • Others, such as joint account holders and those whom you have consented in writing to our sharing your Shareholder Information.

In addition, we may share the Shareholder Information with other companies with whom we have learned through a joint marketing agreement to provide you a particular benefit or service. We may also share Shareholder Information with other companies that perform specific or contracted services on our behalf in connection with the products and services provided or offered to you and as otherwise permitted by law.


If you terminate your relationship with us, we will continue to adhere to the privacy policies and practices provided in this notice and shall retain all collected Shareholder Information in accordance with Federal Law.


We have physical, electronic and procedural safeguards in place to protect the confidentiality, security and integrity of your Shareholder Information.

We restrict access to Shareholder Information to those who need that Information in order for us to provide our products and service to you.


We value the trust of our Shareholders and will continue to recognize the importance of holding your Shareholder Information as confidential.

We will maintain accurate Shareholder Information and respond promptly to shareholder requests to correct information.

We will require companies with whom we do business to use Shareholder Information appropriately and to safeguard the confidentiality of such information.

We appreciate the opportunity to service your investment needs. We pledge to follow the policies, safeguards and guidelines as described in this notice, and to protect the confidentiality of your information. Your relationship is very important to us, and we will take great care to honor these commitments to you. This notice applies to individuals and covers information in connection with consumer transactions. In compliance with government regulations, we provide this notice at the time shareholder relationship commences and, to the extent required by law, annually during which the relationship exits. If we change our policies or practices, we will update the Privacy Statement.

If you would like to contact us about this Privacy Policy or any data privacy or confidentiality issues, below is our contact information:

Anne A. Hayward, Esq.
Plymouth Industrial REIT, Inc.
20 Custom House Street, 11th Floor
Boston, MA 02110

Investors should consider the fund's investment, objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of Plymouth Industrial, REIT, Inc. before investing. This information is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities. Such an offer can only be made by the Prospectus. This material must be read in conjunction with the current Prospectus for the respective offering in order to fully understand all of the implications and risks of the offering of securities to which it relates. A copy of the Prospectus must be made available to you in connection with this offering. You must meet suitability standards in order to buy any securities described herein. Refer to the details in the applicable Prospectus. The achievement of any or all goals of any offering that may be described herein is not guaranteed. Risks for these investment program offerings typically include no assurance that the value of the holdings will be sufficient to return any portion of the Shareholder's original capital invested in any offering of such securities, substantial fees and expenses are typically paid to the participating broker dealers; assets acquired with leverage have risks including loss of value and limits on flexibility needed if there any changes to the business or industry. An investment in Plymouth Industrial REIT, Inc. should be made only after careful review of the related prospectus. All information contained in this material is qualified by the terms of applicable Prospectus.